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There are a lot of myths about the southern hemisphere which must be resolved so that there is no confusion in the future. There is a myth followed by the people since so long that southern direction is a jinx direction and it cannot be designed and molded our way. Well this myth must be resolved as southern hemisphere is mastered by the best vastu consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. He has been known for his best services in southern hemisphere. He has posted many videos on you tube that actually gives a true image about the myth which is making many people anxious. There are many scientific logics behind the theory of southern hemisphere and Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the right person to solve all the queries about it. Vastu application in countries that are located in the southern hemisphere is very prominent and Dr. Bhardwaj has been a very famous name over there as his vastu consultation has given fruitful results which one cannot resist. Vastu for southern hemisphere is majorly followed in Australia and people really abide their rules and regulations. Education and right amount of attention paid to the client is very important and Dr. Bhardwaj is known for his qualities like these.


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