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  1. Thanks - I did came right after reading the documentation again - I had the wrong setting in "Category Menu" which was Grid and not default.
  2. We need to customize the directory to suit our specific needs but are not so firm in coding. Also settings already done disappear again - drives us crazy. Example: Disabled contact in Global settings / Options to NOT show contact form on item. Worked for a few days and today the contact form is visible again even though "Contact" is still disabled in settings as shown in Attachement. My contact is info@africa-adventure.net and the website under development is my.africa-adventure.info Thanks - Enya
  3. Looking for developer to assist in setting up JoomlaDirectory for destination marketing organisation including about 11 countries. Anyone out there able to assist / having experience in it? It's not a booking portal but a tourism destination and business portal WITHOUT online bookings. Thanks.
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