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  1. Please insert some attributes as described here: http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JD/Attributes
  2. Please check this installation guide: http://comdev.eu/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/10/3/steps-to-follow-installation-problems-incomplete-jfolder-create
  3. Please create a support ticket, license will be attached to that ticket. Thank you.
  4. Hi we will release version working on J1.5 on 19th Monday
  5. Hello, Please check this guide first: http://comdev.eu/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/10/3/steps-to-follow-installation-problems-incomplete-jfolder-create If that won't help please create a support ticket.
  6. Hello, This is correct code: {assign var="energy_class_enable" value="{$params->get(energy_class_enable)}"} {*ENERGY CLASS*} {if $energy_class_enable eq "1"} {JText text='ADM_ENERGY_CLASS_TITLE'}: {html_options name=ad_energy_class options=$energy_class selected=$data->ad_energy_class} {/if} Please make sure it is set to yes in Configuration.
  7. Hello Mariette, Please use property ID instead of reference number.
  8. Please make sure you have create your language if it is not listed in backend and you are listing different.
  9. Please create a support ticket with customization you required. Thank you.
  10. Please check Knowledge base: http://comdev.eu/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/10/3/steps-to-follow-installation-problems-incomplete-jfolder-create
  11. Hello, Please place somewhere in your site.css file: .jetablefooter li {float: left; padding: 2px;}
  12. Hello, We have explained in the email that your subscription has expired that is way you cannot download. Thanks for understanding.
  13. Subscription allow access to our direct support and download new component versions.
  14. Hello, Please backup your website first and install on top of current installation.
  15. Hello Claudio, Your support ticket has been answered.
  16. Please create a support ticket.
  17. Please overwrite language files from the package and check if that helps.
  18. Hello, Website is under maintenance, new support center will be ready today, please check back later. Thank you.
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