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  1. Building a new layout is quite easy as described in the documentation: http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Layouts
  2. Spanish Translation, installer file for the JomEvents es_ES.jomevents.zip
  3. Spanish Translation for the JomEstate, installer file es-ES.jomestate_2013-10-23.zip
  4. Spanish Translation, installer file es-ES.jomdirectory.zip
  5. French translation pack, please use Joomla installer. fr_FR_jomdirectory.zip
  6. Please use installer fr_FR.com_jomevents.zip
  7. Please use installer. h870debf.zip
  8. Hello Jamie, Joomla 3 is not yet very stable, and still being developed that is way we can't use it. When it will be finally released we will release JD for Joomla 3 Thanks,
  9. Please use Joomla installer to install the language. jomestate_de_DE.zip
  10. Please find attached. Install using Joomla extension manager. jomevents_de_DE.zip
  11. Please use Joomla installer to install language pack and report any bugs you will find. de_DE.jomdirectory_installer.zip
  12. Custom field as link can be set to allow linking. Than you,
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