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  2. Please send us an email on support@comdev.eu so we can estimate time and cost.
  3. What kind of customization and how much to customize for this? Also, with JomSocial, will it matter if JomSocial users aren't connected to your JomOffers software within the JomSocial system or does that really matter since they are logged in to JomSocial and the Joomla platform?
  4. Currently not, can be however with the customization. Please contact us if you're interested. Thank you,
  5. The issue does not exists on the demo. Please create a support ticket and provide site access so we can check it.
  6. Is jomoffers compatible or can be integrated with JomSocial? Just wondering.
  7. We are using the latest version of JomDirectory (v. 5.2). When we attempt to change the order of the custom fields or options on a select box through dragging, the page height increases dramatically and the item does not switch places with other items on the page (see attached screenshot). There's a jquery UI error that gets thrown in the console: TypeError: a.ui.isOverAxis is not a function Source file: /media/jui/js/jquery.ui.sortable.min.js?f5ac517eef483be1c71d20206735f995 We are running with the latest version of Joomla, and we do not have any other extensions installed that would override jquery UI (that we are aware of).
  8. Hello, Registration is Joomla integrated, you need to change fields there.
  9. Hello, How to deactivate certain fields in the user registration form "membership join"? Thank you in advance
  10. If you have already French translation installed for the extension than it will overwrite, otherwise it will only install it. Joomla translation is different language pack.
  11. i see on the forum use "joomla installer" to install a langage translation file . But i am afraid that will override joomla translation . is the a way to import translation directly on bdd merci a tous Thanks everybody bernard
  12. It works. The issue was that all four API's needed selected in this section, I only had the maps api enabled. Issue i
  13. From the screens above it looks like you have some restrictions set, please remove them and try again.
  14. Please also provide FTP access under ticket / email. We'll check it.
  15. additionally, i've disabled and re-enabled all four api's. billing is setup. I only have an api key on the maps javascript api
  16. Is the API authorized to use website URL? Also please try to disable and re-enable API services and enable billing. Some API's may need it.
  17. There is an error in the console, means that Google API is not configured correctly: This API key is not authorized to use this service or API. Places API error: ApiTargetBlockedMapError Please make sure that API service are added (like on wiki), and URL authorized:
  18. as soon as you begin typing int eh address radius search you get: This page can't load Google Maps correctly.
  19. Please try to clear the browser cache, map is displayed correctly:
  20. Please create a support ticket with site access, we'll check the issue.
  21. All of these are enabled, i even enabled the directions api that someone in that thread said was needed. same result
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