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  2. Hello, Please follow this guide to create administrator menus: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JV/Menu+Items#MenuItems-CreatingAdministrationMenuLinks
  3. Hi, i have install the lastet Version of JomEvents 5.0-498-J4 and install com_jomcomdevJ4 also. But i find no Manual or Guide, after the install, i see the Modul and Plugins. But i see no Menu in Extension to Create Events etc. Can you help me ? pls Thx widi
  4. We have installed and assume properly configured the JomEvent Component and ComDev Component. We have two reoccurring issues... 1. We receive the following error when saving a new event - Save failed with the following error: Field 'fulladdress' doesn't have a default value 2. We receive the following error when saving a new address category - "Column 'checked_out' cannot be null" when truiny to save an address" Any assistance with this would be appreciated. Did we miss a configuration some place.?
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