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  3. Hello, Address is being displayed alphabetical. I will made a note for the custom order development.
  4. Is there a simple way to re-order addresses to be alphabetical as they appear in a search bar in the order which they were added.
  5. Yes, just register in Joomla as normal user and login in Front user panel, user will become Agent.
  6. Hello, it is possible to set default position under Options but not current one.
  7. can a site visitor register as a new agent?
  8. when I add a new propierties in the location section is it possible to select my current position?
  9. Hello, On the JomOffers demo page there is no JomDirectory installed, therefore company choice is not available. In this case build in companies information is being used. Once the JD has been installed and at least single company added it will also appears on the JO Select Company field. Thank you,
  10. This is a pre-purchase question. Could you tell me what "Select Company" relates to in the listings page on Back Admin? See highlighted image:
  11. Hi, OpenStreetMaps are not yet supported. Thank you.
  12. Hello, Joomla 4 is not out yet. Once it will be in production stage we'll make our extensions compatible.
  13. No reply so now I instead went for other Jdirectory unfortunately. I think support is important for customers/clients. I still have project www.whattodo.com that could be interesting for this type of product.
  14. Hi is there an option for using OpenStreetMap now? cheers!
  15. i have a list of property types in a custom field. the values are things like 'condo' and 'townhome'. when someone selects both condo and townhome on the search, meaning either are ok, i would like the search to show properties that are either condo OR townhome. the behavior of search is condo AND townhome which will always be an empty set. ..&jdfields[][118]=3&jdfields[][118]=4.. optionally, i could do it on a url for my needs. currently above is how the search is formatted when both are selected. is there a way on the url or in the custom field to make a search an OR?
  16. Thanks for your reply. I did see that in the documentation. What I can't find anywhere is how EventBrite actually integrates with JomEvents. What function does it serve? How does the operation of JomEvents change when integrated with EventBrite? Any further information would be very much appreciated. thanks, Chris
  17. Hello, EventBrite API key can be placed under component Options -> Integrations.
  18. Hi- I see that JomEvents integrates with EventBrite, but I can't find any information beyond the one field in configuration to enter the EventBrite API key. Can you please give me some idea how the integration works, what information entered in EventBrite flows to JomEvents, or vice versa? Any information you could provide would be much appreciated. thanks, Chris
  19. Swedish translation of JomEvent is here com_jomevents_sv-SE.zip
  20. Hi, do you have polish language option in JomEstate ?
  21. Hello, Please make sure that mandatory menu links have been created (for each language): http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JH3/Menu+Items
  22. Hi, I created sub-categories in the COMDEV / ADDRESS component, now when I click on the jomholiday Item module on the home page it does not direct me to the chosen item, sending me on a link to the jomholiday component. Removing the sub-category from the address all returns to normal. See photo: the correct link should be this:
  23. Is there any fix for the following that I do not require on the JoomHoliday Component. I need to remove the "Steet View" on the location map. All of the properties listed are in Barbados who do not have steet view available so I just get a blank screen on all proprties. I would also like to remove the POI Search that appears when the map module is viewed.
  24. Hello, Please make sure that you have set access permissions under component Options -> Permissions as per article: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Configuration+Steps
  25. I'm putting together a site I started last year based around JD for finding dog breeders in the UK. Categories are working fine but I cannot get the front admin to display. When I try and access the page the menu is pointing to I get an Error, you are not authorised to view this resource. What have I forgotten ?
  26. Hi Love this module, but really struggling to understand how to configure the site especially the booking options. Does anyone have a clear idea of how this works? A flow chart maybe! Or instructions of the different set options available? If there is anyone out there who has time to help that would be fantastic, then I can get on with populating the site! Also if anyone has got any ideas on how to encourage people to sign up once site is launched love to hear from you.
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