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  3. Please also provide FTP access under ticket / email. We'll check it.
  4. additionally, i've disabled and re-enabled all four api's. billing is setup. I only have an api key on the maps javascript api
  5. Is the API authorized to use website URL? Also please try to disable and re-enable API services and enable billing. Some API's may need it.
  6. There is an error in the console, means that Google API is not configured correctly: This API key is not authorized to use this service or API. Places API error: ApiTargetBlockedMapError Please make sure that API service are added (like on wiki), and URL authorized:
  7. as soon as you begin typing int eh address radius search you get: This page can't load Google Maps correctly.
  8. Please try to clear the browser cache, map is displayed correctly:
  9. Please create a support ticket with site access, we'll check the issue.
  10. All of these are enabled, i even enabled the directions api that someone in that thread said was needed. same result
  11. Please check this documentation FAQ link: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JD2
  12. Are you serious? The api key is there, this is why i am messaging
  13. Earlier
  14. Please add Google API key there to get the map working.
  15. I have a "Google Maps API Key" field that the api key is in. I don't see "key set"? I have the 5.0 Version, Build 807, which i bought a year ago and just now using for the first time...
  16. Please make sure you have Google API key set under Options -> integrations. If the field is missing, than please download and update the extension.
  17. We cannot get the Address Radius Search to work, it says "This page can't load Google Maps correctly." as soon as you begin typing in the search box. We've compared every field there is to a working google maps account for a different working project, but no dice. Ideas?
  18. Hello, You may use listings and products, these 2 are linked. Than provide other data with custom fields. If you need any more functionality we do customizations. Kind regards,
  19. I am building a site on Joomla about jazz musicians, and I would like to know if I could have these functions with your component JomDirectory : In admin, I need 4 main forms, to enter the informations to display in frontend: Musicians : Name - Instrument - group - albums - website - photos - videos - date of birth - biography Groups : Name - musicians - photos - videos - albums - website - comments Albums : Name - group - CD/vinyl - edition date - titles - editor - reference - musicians - photos(sleeve) - comments Instruments : Selection of : singer - guitar - violon - piano - saxophone - basse - drums ... Of course, I would like that these 4 tables would be connected, as a relational database (as MySQL), in order that when, for example, a visitor clicks the name of a musician in a page presenting an album, the detailed page about this musician is displayed. Or when we click a name of instrument, all the musicians playing this instrument are listed. Is it possible with JomDirectory ? Regards.
  20. Liebes Mitglieder, kann mir jemand weiterhelfen. Würde gerne eine neue Urlaubseite Südtirol Urlaub aufbauen, dazu würde ich gerne eine Übersicht der Hotels, Pensionen, usw. machen. Kann ich z.B. bei einem Hotel die Preisliste und den Kalender eventuell verstecken? Lediglich nur auf Anfrage stellen! danke für eure Hilfe Raimund
  21. Hello, Please add group ID as per documentation: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Membership#Membership-CreatinganewGroupforMembershipPlans
  22. Hello, Please check under components\com_jomoffers\views\admin_offer
  23. Hi, I am trying to set up a new membership plan but cannot complete the process as the "group ID" cant be filled in? There is nothing in the drop down and I cant find a way to create one? Any ideas?
  24. Hello, I searched and searched and I just can find where can I edit the front admin Add Offer layout. I need to delete some fields and to modify others. Thanks.
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