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Building your own directory site is now easy and quick! Increase user experience of your site with the most versatile extension that smoothly integrates with Joomla.

Powerful & Advanced Directory Features

Giving you the flexibility to create any type of Directory: Business Directory, Product Catalog, Movie Database... and much more. See how these cool features make your wishes come true!

Design & Layouts

Ready to use sophisticated designs and layouts!

Responsive, Mobile Friendly

Responsive and mobile friendly design ensures scalability! With the responsive design capabilities of JomDirectory, your website design will automatically adapt to different screen sizes, and easily translate to a mobile platform from the desktop version.

Multiple Layouts, Unique Side By Side Layout

Wherever you would like to create a Business Directory or Product Catalog you can choose respective layout. JomDirectory is very flexible giving you ability to create and customize your own layouts.

Bootstrap, CSS3

Work with layouts that are Bootstrap-based. Easily edit layouts as per your requirements. JomDirectory also provides predefined CSS classes.

directory responsive directory layouts

Data Structure

Design your categories and addresses the way you want!

Nested Categories

Easily create unlimited levels of categories and sub-categories. Add images and descriptions for the directory tree layout to display categories. Understanding parent and child levels of categories has never been easier.

Nested Adresses

Unlimited nested addresses. Create any structure of addresses. Much more detailed information with specific structure such as Country, Cities, Counties, Postal codes and more.

Custom fields - Customise it!

Custom field creation that provides support to create any type of content. Variety of field input options ranging from inputs, dropdown boxes, text, checkbox, link, tabs and much more! Easily separate custom fields based on your condition such as optional fields or mandatory fields.

Custom Tabs - Create tabs for custom content with WYSIWYG editor support.

Paid custom fields - Enable paid custom fields based on the Membership plans.

Directory Search & Filter

Advanced search algorithms that gives results in seconds!

Smart Search

Apart from regular search features that every other Joomla directory extension offers, JomDirectory also supports Joomla Smart Search. Now find your search results at lightning speed!

Powerful Filter

Let your users filter content super quick based on custom fields, categories and more! Quick in-built input field for searching through long lists of categories or addresses in the filter window.

Live Map Search

Lets you search and locate your live results on the map. Filter your results based on multiple search parameters and view your results in real time.

directory search directory map

Product NEW

Products showcase with prices and custom fields. Linked with listings.

Product Showcase

Present multiple Products with price, gallery, description, custom fields and more. Link product with listings to build a full feature directory!


Quickly filter Products based on theirs attribiutes and prices. Multiple search layouts available.


Compare Products side by side to find out the right one.

directory search directory map

Ratings & Reviews

Let your users know how their listings are performing with built-in reviews!

Ratings & Reviews

Understand how satisfied your customers are with your services with advanced features such as ratings, recommendations and likes! JomDirectory supports built in reviews to let your listings be rated by users. Spam prevention supported with in-built captcha. Intimate users that their reviews are approved via email. Both Knob style and Star style ratings supported.

directory search directory map directory map

Front Admin & Membership

User-intuitive Front Admin interface!

Powerful Front Admin

Advanced User Panel interface with professional dashboard, statistics and membership information. Create new listings within seconds, edit and publish reviews, add images, add additional information and much more! Change your membership settings and view private messages sent by customers. View your listings and statistics for each listing separately. Approve comments right from the dashboard.

Build In Membership Support

Add membership plans for your users and generate revenue! Create Join page with registration support that attracts more users. As listing owners, upgrade your membership easily through the Front Admin panel.

directory front admin directory membership

Email Templates

Multiple email templates supported such as email templates, membership expiry template, listing expiry template and lots more! Email templates are available in plain HTML format, which makes them easy to edit.

Back Admin

Sophisticated, fast interface with usable statistics, dashboard info and notifications!

Powerful Dashboard

Sophisticated and state of art dashboard with vital information, statistics, component version and news! Control your directory with much more power using multiple features in the Back Admin interface.

Great Navigation

Side navigation panel for quick and easy access to important features, when needed.

Modern UI

All forms have been redesigned to follow latest UI standards.

directory responsive directory responsive

SEO & Rich Snippets

Latest SEO improvements for best results!

Rich Snippets

JomDirectory understands importance of being Search Engine Friendly and thus offers maximum resources to achieve that! With multiple SEO features such as optimized listing titles, correct indexing of all pages by search engines, individual SEO settings for each listing, and much more, you can never stay behind your competitors. JomDirectory also supports Joomla Breadcrumbs and integrates Rich Snippets. Rich Snippets are very powerful in letting users know what your page talks about in first glance when they run their query on any search engine!

Unicodes in URLs

Not just the content and indexing, but JomDirectory has taken care that every URL link is also SEO-friendly.

Search Engine Friendly

Create a directory listing that has been optimised to ensure that your listings remain on the top of every relevant search query.


Directory elements that are fully translation-ready!


JomDirectory fully supports multilingual content. All elements such as Categories, Custom Fields or Addresses can be translated into any language, with complete ease! Joomla URL aliases support for all your non UTF-8 characters.

Translation Packages

JomDirectory can provide assistance with ready to use translation packages for any language. Contact us for more details.

User Interface & Upload

Drag & Drop media uploader with easy order settings!

Advanced Media Manager

Just drag and drop your images to add multiple files to the image gallery and avoid hassles of selecting every image, one at a time.

Logo & Video Support

Upload individual logo for each listing and give your users additional information with YouTube video.

directory upload


Unlimited attachments support with file Meta information including title, type, size and more.

Modules & Plugins

Modules with multiple configuration and layouts settings!

Search Module

Select which fields you want to include in your search parameters for your users search queries! Choose from multiple layouts and configuration options.

Items Module

Display the latest listings added to your directory with ease using Items Module! Vary the layouts and configuration options for new experience every time.

PAID: Live Map Search Module

Ajax Map Search module that comes loaded with two layout options! Multiple search parameters and provision to add custom pins on the map area.

PAID: Slideshow Pro Module

Create engaging image slideshow for your users that showcases images from the gallery! Add exciting transitions and captions for more engagement.


Many more features included!

JomOffers Reverse Auction Extension

JomDirectory can be linked into JomOffers Offers, creating even more funcionality!

Social Networks

Engage with your social media fans and users with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ integrations! Let your customers know everything about your directory as it happens.


Works smoothly with popular Joomla templates and themes from RocketTheme, JoomlArt, JoomShaper, BowThemes, ThemeXpert, GavickPro, YooTheme, Shape5, You!Joomla, JoomlaShack, JoomlaShine and more!

Joomla Tags

Add multiple tags to each listing in the directory for powerful search results! Search integration for tags ensures your results are relevant to the queries made.

Joomla Articles Integration

Share additional information in form of Joomla articles! Attach Joomla articles under the listing description for easy access.

Joomla Users Integration

Manage users groups and memberships with Joomla Users integrations.

Documentation & Support

Wherever you need us, quick help is always avaialable!


Access detailed documentation to understand JomDirectory even better! Easy to read and understand documentation for quick learning.


Get quick answers to your queries through JomDirectory support forums! Experience email and support tickets resolution at lightning speed.

Are you ready to start your own Directory Project?