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Go further than ever before

Extend JomEstate with powerful add-ons.

Map Search Module

Search for listings on a live map, and filter results without reloading the page.

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Price: 39€

jomestate map search

Customize your layout

Choose the best layout for your audience. Take the minimal approach with a full-width map equipped with a simple search bar, or let your users dive into the details with a side panel full of filter options.

Powerful search filters

Looking for the perfect match? Filter search results based on category, distance, or keyword.

Search based on location

Lookup listings within a specified radius of a location, postcode, or address of your choosing.

Slideshow Pro Module

Wow your visitors with full-width slideshows!

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Price: 39€

jomestate slideshow pro

Flexible Formatting

Get the perfect fit with with a fullscreen or windowed slideshow.

Multiple Transitions

Take full control of your slides and captions with over 200 transitions.

Control your captions

Customize captions your way with font, color, and positioning tools.